Official Dice Rules

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Official Dice Rules

Post by Owner Danny on Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:35 am

PoX667 Official Dicing Rules.

Below you will find the rules for hosting dice bets here at PoX667. Anyone who is caught abusing or in anyway bending the rules will be banned and their rank stripped without question. The PoX667 staff have every right to change these rules at any time, if the rules are changed it is up to you and only you to make sure you are aware of these changes.

1. Only players with the Dice rank will be allowed to host dicing matches, you can obtain the Dicer rank by purchasing it here. The only other way is by voting for our server here.

2. If you are caught scamming, either by using false items (ie: Bandos Godsword instead of an Armadyl Godsword) you will have your Dicer rank stripped with the possibility of being banned. With the dicing system the way it is, it is nearly impossible to scam, if however, you catch someone trying to commit a scam, please report him an online staff member.

3. Trying to abuse dicing glitches or bugs that can lead to an unfair advantage against an opponent is strictly prohibited. Players caught abusing the dicing system will be banned without question.

4. Trying to sell/selling any account, regardless of the rank(s) on it is illegal, Dicer rank included. If you try to do this your account will be banned, if you try to use an alternative account to sell your Dicer account, we will find which account has Dicer rank and ban both accounts. No exceptions.

5. You will only use a PoX667 approved form of gambling. This is limited to our dicing system, our duel system or using an Official Middle Man. Any form of gambling including games of chance such as: flowers, over under or any other made up game of chance is illegal and punishable with a ban.

6. Donating for Dicer rank on an account that is not yours is illegal. You cannot purchase any rank (Super Donor or Dicer) for any account that isn't yours. If caught, you will be permanently banned from the server.

7. Our dicing system only allows for three items to be diced at one time, if you try to evade this rule by offering to pay a fourth or fifth item you will be banned. There is no exception to this rule, you cannot use an OMM to hold items for you. Three items slots per dice round only.

If you caught anyone trying to break any of these rules, please report them here.

By reading these rules you agree to our terms and conditions, you are now held fully accountable for any mistakes you may make in the future.

All the best,
PoX667 Staff.

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